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Genealogy of the Kestell and Kautzer Families
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Edward & Mathilda Kautza Family
Edward & Mathilda Kautza Family

The history of the Kestell and Kautzer families includes the brothers and sisters of most of the ancestors and their families. We are missing very few. The Kastel/Kestell Branch only goes as far back as the original immigrant Johann Baptist Kestell to Germantown, Wisconsin. There are no leads that have been found to get us back into Germany.

We would appreciate sharing information with any who visit these pages and have ancestors with the same surnames as any of ours, or just happen to have information about these families.

In order to protect the privacy of living individuals, anyone without a death date has been concealed. If you are aware that someone is now deceased, please contact us.

Most Wanted - I am looking for information about these ancestors. Can you help?

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15 Mar 2015

Helen would like to send a thank you out to Kathleen Racine. She would like to give her credit for all of her hard work. She has updated the Joachim Kestell/Kessler/Kastel family a lot. She is now working on the Breckheimer families Who knows who she will look up next!

25 May 2011

The unofficial beginning of summer starts this weekend although the weather here in WI doesn't show it. Helen and I have been finding things that didn't transfer over properly from the old site to the new site. Helen also has been adding new dates and people. She is also adding photos.

We recently sent an email out to a select group of family asking them if they would be interested in updating a portion of the website. Many of them have responded positively and I have been getting them started. If you have any questions please email myself or Helen. -Ellen

17 Apr 2011

- The full tree has now been imported including all available pictures. We will now be spending the next several weeks tweaking the layout of each page, adding additional navigation to the site and adding the old site into the documents section. Please let me know if you have any questions.

11 Apr 2011 - Added the new site online. More coming soon.