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101 Peter and Angela and the first three children came to Wisconsin in 1860 and purchased their farm. BINVERSIE, Peter
102 Peter Biwersi was born on 15th July 1813 at Freudenburg, Prussia the son of Johann Biwersi and Helena Lang. He died at the age of 80 on the 24th Nov. 1893 at the farm home about one half mile west of School Hill, WI.

He married Angela Maas 8 Feb. 1844 at St. Trinitatis Church in Freudenburg, Prussia - Germany today. Angela was born 11 Aug. 1824 at Freudenburg, the daughter of Joseph Maas and Susanna Welsch. Her parents also came to the School Hill area and are buried at St. Gregory's, St. Nazianz, WI. Angela died 16 Dec. 1892 on their farm near School Hill of cancer of the breast. She was 68 years of age. Angela and Peter are buried side by side on St. Gregory's Cemetery at St. Nazianz.

Peter and Angela had three children: Helen, Margaret, & Catherine when they came from Prussia. My mother, Elizabeth Kestell told me that her mother had told her that there were twins born on the trip overseas that died and were buried at sea. Margaret was four years old. The Binversie's came to Wisconsin in 1860.

I recently learned from Linda Hulbert, who lives in New Holstein, WI., whose grear grandfather is Nicholas Binversie, brother of Peter's. that the Peter Binversie's stopped off at Cleveland, Ohio before coming to Wisconsin. They must have lived there from 1854 to 1860.

Peter and Angela bought their farm in the town of Meeme, Manitowoc County, on 19 Dec. 1860, from George & Griesins Sohn for $90.00 for 20 acres. They bought more land later. They had three more children after they came to America, Nicholas, William and Mary. Helen Binversie married John Schaller, Margaret Binversie married John Netzer, Catherine married John Stiefvater, the Twins died on trip overseas, Nicholas married Anna Weiter, William married Regina Schuler, and Mary married John Elias.

All of the Binversie girls married "Johns". Mary's husband was not well liked by her family, and when she died, the family must have put her grave stone on her grave, and she is listed as " Maria Benversie"

Peter and Angela's youngest son William, took over the operation of the home farm after their retirement, and his parents lived with them just a very short time, when they had both died. William and Regina married on the 1 Feb. 1892. Angela died the 16 Dec. 1892, and Peter died 24 Nov. 1893. The farm was in the Binversie family until about 1981.

The Binversie name has several different spellings. The most common in the past was spelled "Benversie", as it is spelled on the gravestones on the Cemetery at St. Nazianz, WI. Today the spelling is "Binversie". "Biwersi" is the original spelling in Germany and is still spelled that way there today.

Joseph Maas and Margretha Herber - brother of Angela's, also came to Wisconsin, with his and Angela's parents, and bought a farm right next to them. He bought his farm on the 10th of September 1863 for $375.00 for 80 acres. He was known as "Uncle Maas" to the Netzer family when they were children.

Nicolaus Biwerse, a brother of Peter's, also came to Manitowoc County in the Cleveland area. His name always stayed "Biwersi". He married Angela Zimmer (?) and had Five children in Cleveland, Ohio before he moved to Wisconsin. Maria his 6th child with Angela was born 17 Jan. 1872, and died 21st of Jan. 1872. He was not married in Germany, as I have the records saying that he was single when he left Germany. Angela died 12 February 1872, after the birth of her child. Nicolaus then married Helena Wagner 7th Nov. 1872, who was the daughter of Jacob Wagner and Catharina Schwanikum. Helena was born in New York. They had 6 children in Wisconsin.

A Nicolaus Maas, who I did think might be a brother of Angela's and Josef, is not a brother, but an uncle who was a brother to Angela's father Joseph. 
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106 Robert died unexpectedly at his home. BINVERSIE, Robert L.
107 Roman is buried on Holy Trinity Cemetery, School Hill, WI. BINVERSIE, Roman
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111 Ted served his country during World War II as a corporal in the U.S. Army from 1946 to 1947 at White Sands, Las Cruces, NM.  He fueled V2 rockets.
He had been employed at Vollrath Co. in Sheboygan for 39 years, retiring in 1987. 
112  BINVERSIE, Theresa
113 Theresa entered the convent in 1925. She took on the name, Sister Eulogia. BINVERSIE, Theresa
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116 The William Binversies had three daughters who became nuns. They were: Theresa, who became Sister Eulogia; Josephine who became Sister Bernice; and Margaret who became Sister Gabriel. BINVERSIE, William
117 'Willie' never married, he lived with Henry for many years, and later bought a home in School Hill and lived there until his death. BINVERSIE, William Nicholas
118 The records at Freudenburg had the father of Johann Biversi as Agidius. A Binversie relative was to Dudeldorf and found his record to be Kilian Biversi, so I have changed it to that name. BIVERSI, Kilian
119 Johann married a girl from Freudenburg before he came to America. BIWERSI, Johann
120 Johann Baptist Biwersi arrived in New York in October 1879, and were naturalized on Oct. 1894 at Sheboygan, WI. They had two children in Wisconsin, then returned to Freudenburg for several years. They returned to Wisconsin again in 1892. He was a tailor. BIWERSI, Johann Baptist
121 Maria came to America. BIWERSI, Maria
122 Linda Hulbert from New Holstein, WI. found the Ship Manifest that the Peter Biwersi's and Nicholas Biwersi arrived on their trip to New York, at Ancestry. They left their home in Freudenburg, Germany and traveled to Antwerp,Belgium. On the 26th of May 1854 they left Belgium on the ship "Wm. Layton with M. L. Carpenter as the Captain. There were 961 passengers on the ship. After they landed in New York, they boarded another ship or took a train to Cleveland, Ohio where they lived for several years. Nicholas was married there and had 5 children before they came to Wisconsin. The Peter Biwersi's came to Wisconsin by 1857, and bought a farm in the town of Meeme, Manitowoc, Co., WI. BIWERSI, Nikolaus
123 Nikolaus came to America as a single man, and married in Ohio. He came to the US at the same time as his brother Peter and family. BIWERSI, Nikolaus
124 Cause of death stroke. BJELK, Roger Eugene
125 Susan Ronsse is a bookkeeper and her religion is Catholic. BJELK, Susan Janis
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127 After retiring taught Financial Management for several semesters at the international University in Vienna, Austria. BLANCHARD, Carol Jean
128 Wilbur worked for his father in the cheese factory until 1957,  He then started to work for Pioneer Telephone, SPRINT Telephone today.  Wilbur retired at the age of 60. BLASCHKA, Wilbur
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132 After Thomas died, their sons built a house for their mother in the town of Eaton. Later, she moved to Hewitt to live with her son Frank and his wife until her death. She died at Hewitt 13 July 1903. She is buried on the Catholic Cemetery at Hewitt, WI.

Thomas and Josepha had three sets of twins in the family, but only one person lived. She was Mary Kautza who married Oscar Freund. Anna Barnard gave me this information. She was a daughter of Tom.

Josepha Botha, Tom's wife, came from an Aristocratic family that had lots of money. Her parents did not want her to marry Tom, but she did anyway (they ran away and got married.) Josepha was therefore dis-
inherited by her parents. When asked later on why she did marry Tom, she told them that Tom was a good dancer and she loved to dance. Some think that the "Kautzer" name was changed so that Josepha's parents would not be able to find her. I personally do not believe that, as the name was listed
as "Kautzer" very early in the Milwaukee directory - about 1863 - before Tom was ever married, or living in the US.. 
BOTHA, Josepha
133 Katharina came from Canada and was French. BRAUN, Katherina
134 In June 2001, we received information on the first three generations of the Breckemer family from Bertold Wienen, of Ingelheim, Germany, whose main source of information was received from Franz Luschberger from Hochheim, Germany. Franz has been searching his own family over many decades and has become a very experienced searcher for early families originating from the Flürsheim area. The early name has several different spellings.

How the Breckheimer name originated

In the year 1400, a family man came to Wiesbaden from Breckenheim, Germany. The people from Wiesbaden did not know what to call him, so they said he was the man from "Breckenheim". They were not sure whether his name was Johann or Martin, so they would call him the 'Breckenheimer". Then out of laziness, they shortened the name to Breckheimer.
William Conrad was born during the thirty years war - about 1629. He lived through other wars and the PEST in the years 1666-1668, and died 22 Feb. 1715 in Waldalgesheim (Kurpfalz) when he was 86 years old. He worked in the last Convent (Klosters) in Bingerwald. He married Anna Margaretha_____.
Of this marriage there were four children: Johann Michael who married Ottilia Siers from Ackermann, Johann who married A. Dorothea Closs from Zollner, Anna Catharina who married Matthias Wenz. These three stayed living in Waldalgesheim.
Jacob Conrad, the oldest was born in 1661. He married Anna Catharina . In 1691 Jacob was Burgermeister in Weiler. He died 2 April 1721. Jacob and Anna had six children: Maria Anna married Johann Altenhofen, Anna married Johanna Weyand (Weith), Anna Maria married Anton Dore. Johann Adam was born 1695 and died 15 Mar. 1770. He married in 1729 to Anna Margaretha Weyhet, (Weith(, Margaretha married Anton Wolschied, Johann married Maria Barbara as his first wife and Maria Spes Massing, as his second wife.
Johann Adam and Anna Margaretha Weyhet had three children but only one lived, PHILIPP MARTIN CONRAD. He married Agnes Sturm, 15 Feb. 1751. Agnes and Phillip had ten children of which five lived. Maria Margaretha married Caspar Massing, Anna Maria married Heinrich Hassemer from Gaulsheim, Andreas married Anna Maria Bell, Adam married Emilie Hirschbeck from Bingen. Adam was a bartender (Bierbrauer) in aa Bingen Gasthaus. Agnes married as her first husband Nikolaus Edinger from Trechtingshausen, on 1 July 1786 she married HEINRICH BRECKHEIMER in Trechingshausen. Heinrich's brother, Rev. Georg Breckheimer performed the ceremony. Heinrich had a very high ranking job when he worked at the Domkapitels (Geschaftsfuhrer). The Domkapitels is a Catholic Cathedral where the Bishop lives. His brother, Father George also lived at the 'Domkapitels' . 
135 Wicker, Germany is a town that is a neighbor to Flürsheim, Germany. BRECKEMER, Jacob
136 Wicker, Germany is a town that is a neighbor to Flürsheim, Germany. BRECKEMER, Theis
137 Adam Breckheimer left Weiler, Germany in 1846 to come to America. On the 16 of May 1848, he purchased his farm from the US government. It was in Section 15 in the Town of Rhine, Sheboygan County, WI. On Easter Sunday in 1849, Adam married Katherine Braun. She was born 14 Aug. 1832 in Canada, the daughter of Frank Braun. They farmed in the town of Rhine - their farm was just down the hill from St. George Catholic Cemetery. Adam and his wife donated the cemetery plot to the church. Originally there was a Chapel built by the cemetery. The St. George Church was later built in Elkhart Lake. Adam and his wife Katherine moved to the Chilton area after they retired. They both died in that area.
Adam died unexpectedly in the barnyard while manuring out the horse barn. He is buried in the old Catholic Cemetery on Hillside in Chilton, Wisconsin. 
138 Aloys George (Joseph)Breckheimer served in the US Navy during WWII BRECKHEIMER, Aloys George (TWIN)
139 Ambrose Breckheimer left his homeland in Weiler, Rhine Province, Germany in 1851. He had one brother, Adam, who had bought his farm in the town of Rhine, Sheboygan County, in 1848. He evidently came to his brother's house to live. Ambrose purchased his farm in the town of Rhine the 23rd of July 1851, from DeLorma and Lila Brooks, (land prospectors from New Lisbon Ohio, who had purchased the land from the U.S. Government.) He paid $150.00 for the 80 acres. He later purchased 30 acres of land on the south side of the road from the 80 acres, south of county trunk (A) today.

Ambrose lived the life of a bachelor for three years while he cleared the land and built a log cabin on his land. He also made his own furniture from the wood on his land. Then he sent for his bride from Weiler, Germany. This log cabin was south of the present buildings. It served as the family home for the first nine children. Only the last two children were born in the new home that Ambrose built - so the new home was built around 1867. I was told that Ambrose made a table and benches, bed and dresser. (My father inherited this dresser which is still in use today). He also made a cradle, which is also in existence today.

Ambrose sent for his wife in 1854. We have not found a passenger list, but it is believed that she came in August with Ambrose's brother Henry. Ambrose and Anna Maria Koblenz married 21 August 1854 in the chapel in the town of Rhine. Henry Breckheimer bought his farm in the town of Rhine on the 19 of August 1854.

The Breckheimer's had eleven children, - ten of which grew to adulthood After the Ambrose Breckheimer's retired, they sold the farm to their eldest daughter Magdalena and her husband, John George Kestell. They sold their farm 9 June 1894, and moved to Elkhart Lake. The house is still standing in good condition. It is the first place west of the Garage on Rhine street - one block west of the Catholic Church. 
140 Anna Lived in Elkhart Lake her entire married life. Anna and Cornelius lived with the Ambrose Breckheimers the first years of their married life. Then Cornelius and Anna built a home on the street real close to the Elkhart Lake Depot. Many years later, they built another home on Lake Street, where they lived out their lives. Cornelius was a rural mail carrier in the Elkhart Lake region all of his life, until he retired.  BRECKHEIMER, Anna
141 There were no children found in the court house in Sheboygan. The could have moved away soon
after their marriage. 
BRECKHEIMER, Anna Margaret
142 This family went through lots of hardships as both parents died while most of the family were very
young. C. George went to become a priest and he had Heinrich with him when he worked in the Bishops Mainzer Domkapitels in Trechinghausen. The way I understand it, it is where the Bishop
lived. There was one sister who grew to adulthood, and it is believed that she took care of her other
brother Wigand. Henry Breckheimer was four years old when his mother died, and 9 when his father died. He had one other brother who was two years older. It is believed that the rest of the family all died young.
This information from Mainz Dom-Und Diozes Anarchiv: Rev, George Breckheimer Kapl. in Wellstein 1777-`780, Kapl. in Bingen 1799 Pfarrverv. in Niederheimbach 1780-1805, Par. in Trechingshausen
(Ernnant 233.0.1804) Rev. George Breckheimer died 17 Dec. 1805.
(All of these records about the Conrads and Breckheimers was looked up by KARL CONRAD who was a former teacher in Germany. It took him many years to complete the Conrad and Breckheimer family history. He has done a marvelous job, and his work will be remembered by the Conrad and Breckheimer families forever.) 
143 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
144 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
145 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
146 Edward Breckheimer settled in Marshfield, Wood County. He operated a flour and feed mill very successfully for many years. BRECKHEIMER, Edward
147 George Josef Breckheimer was born 21 Oct. 1789. He married Christine Weinheimer in Burg Layen when she was 14 years of age. His brother William was born 23 May 1797, he married Margaret Weinheimer (a sister of Christine, who married George.) in Burg Layen. The brothers of Heinrich II married very young to avoid going in the Army and it worked. The Weinheimer's also had a Castle in Burg Layen. There had been a feud between the Breckheimer's and the Weinheimers that was over when the two boys married the two sisters. Father of the bride, Matthias Weinheimer, was born 17 Dec.1771 in Burg Layen, and died 3 Jan. 1810. He was killed in the Bingen Cave. The police looked for the killer for a long time and he was finally found in his own chimney where he went to hide. Evidently he died from suffocation when the fire was lit. BRECKHEIMER, Georg Josef
148 Caroline Breckheimer was found living with Henry (George's brother) and Catherine Breckheimer in the 1900 federal census and listed as an adopted daughter. BRECKHEIMER, George
149 Heinrich Breckheimer died at the Faitsberger Hof (today called Schweizerhous) by Trechtingshausen. Agnes Conrad Breckheimer was born 31 Mar 1757 in Burg Layen and she died 27 Feb. 1839 in Burg Layen. BRECKHEIMER, Heinrich II
150 Heinrich Breckheimer was a farmer and a land owner. BRECKHEIMER, Heinrich

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